Maitim OÜ offers high-quality and flexible construction services to businesses and consumers alike.

Founded in 1992, the secret to our success lies in our dedication to:
- High-quality workmanship,
- Precision and formality, and
- Strong teamwork.

Maitim’s team includes two subsidiaries:

Maitim Kinnisvara (Maitim Properties) deals in the development, maintenance, and sale of developed properties.

Interial exchanges high-quality, easy-to-install interior finishing products and moisture-resistant building boards.

Beyond the above, Maitim deals in the sale of Triplan glass partitioning systems. Produced in Denmark, Triplan’s wide assortment of partitioning walls are perfect for offices and public spaces. Their catalog is available online.

OÜ Maitim

Hannes Priks
+372 5042819

Reg. nr. 10038297